The surroundings of the Senatore Estate are wonderful places, full of charm, beauty that comes from afar. Places of Magna Greece where, even after a long time, you can perceive the same scents and colors of a past time that became History. From Punta Alice to the Cirò Historic Center, passing through the hills and vineyards, these places can be perfect for the celebration of your wedding, or the setting of your photo shoot.
Within the radius of not many kilometers there are Churches and Cathedrals, sacred, wonderful places, which are often chosen by the newlyweds to consecrate in the charm of beauty and spirituality their most important day. These places can also be chosen by you.

Cirò Marina : Church of St. Cataldo Bishop
Cirò Marina : Sanctuary of Madonna d’Itria
Cirò Marina : Madonna Sanctuary of The Sea
Cirò : Church of St. Mary of Plateis
Cirò : Church of St. John the Baptist
Cirò : Punta Alice Lighthouse
Cirò Marina : Saracen Markets
Crucoli : Sanctuary Maria S.S. of Manipuglia
Crotone : Cathedral
Crotone : St Joseph’s Church
Crotone : Head Column
Crotone : St. Mary’s Shrine of Cape Column
Santa Severina : Cathedral of St. Anastasia
Rossano : Cathedral of Mary Holy Achiropita
Le Castella : Aragonese Castle
St. John in Flower: Abbey Florense